Friday, June 15, 2018

Overwatch Clip Show 60 - Break Loose

I've wanted to use Break Loose by Gramatik for a vid basically since I started doing vids, but it never worked for any form my vids usually take.  I tried to plug it in to a single no-cut killstreak vid, but then you'd end up with some crazy stuff in like the first two teamfights when the song is relatively chill, and maybe nothing exciting enough when the relatively-brief high-energy point of the song in the second half.  It never worked.

Likewise, the song is so chill in general that it didn't really work for my usual here's-two-or-three picks-during-a-teamfight thing.  It was actually a contender for what ended up becoming No Duh - but again, that was a collection of PotGs - basically, too high-action to work (in my opinion) - for Break Loose.

As I was working on Danger! High Voltage, though - slowly recovering from the brutal Pulse Bomb nerf - I actually ended up with a bunch of one-off clips of some sweet-ass Pulse Bombs where I wave after the stick.  I lined two of those waves up with James Brown goin' "heyyy hey!" and was like, "okay, this works."  Finally.

Once I got to work on it in earnest, I developed four rules:

  1. When James Brown says "heyyy hey!", the "hey!" is always lined up with a wave.
  2. When it's not the full "heyyy hey!" - when it's just "ey!", or a horn blare on the same beat - it can be lined up with anything.  A rewind, a detonation of the bomb, whatever. 
  3. When James Brown says "p-payback!" it has to have a non-Pulse Bomb kill somewhere near the line.  There are a few places where it lines up perfectly, but footage never plays along that well.
  4. When the line "I can turn back the hand of time" happens, it is always lined up with a rewind.  

I'm (perhaps pathetically) proud to say almost the entire video adheres to these principles.  It deviates once - there's a Brigitte Pulse Bomb kill that has a "p-payback!" line but no additional kill >.< I just didn't have the right footage to get the job done - but to fail one out of fourteen times?  That's still a pretty good record, in my opinion.

I love that the "p-payback" that comes after the "heyyy hey!" on Rialto, just before 2:38, leads into a stuttery bit that synchs up well with a rewind, leading into the highest-energy part of the song.  At first, I had completely thrown out the rules for the sequence from 2:39 - 3:00.  It was just going to be one, comically-long duel with a very bouncy Genji on Oasis, but... y'know 5/6 enemies in 20 seconds is probably the better option.

I like this one.

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