Monday, June 18, 2018

Overwatch Clip Show 61 - Same Thing

The best Mercy picks and PotGs from the last week.  Okay well the McCree PotG on Hanamura isn't my best, but he didn't see that shit comin' - felt badass!

I loved that I had the presence of mind to get that Pulse Bomb off the point in the final clip on Ilios, the 5K on Lijiang felt incredible (mystery heroes - we lost and half my team left, but the reds voted me an Epic card for my Tracer killstreak!), and the one on Route 66?  Getting those last two picks at 19 HP?  Awesome.

Also, the Mercy I one-clip on Eichenwald and whiff the Pulse Bomb on during the longer clip with the Zarya and Soldier? She popped her ult and came straight for me - and got me! I sent 'em a GG, told 'em I lol'd when they did it, and they said I was awesome and sent a friend request! 


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