Saturday, June 9, 2018

So EA's Press Conference Sucked

EA did what EA does, if you're familiar with their E3 modus operandi - they showed off sizzle reels for things they've already released or already announced, relied on smaller indie-studio stuff for Actual New Game Reveals, and announced something very interesting without telling us frickin' anything about it.

So here's what we got:

Respawn Entertainment is officially working on Jedi: Fallen Order.  It takes place between Star Wars episodes 3 and 4, and that's all we know.  Far and away the biggest news from the entire thing.

Unravel Two was announced, and is out today, and they're publishing indie Sea of Solutude, which I quite like the look of.

BioWare's Anthem got a release date - February 22, 2019 - they showed off less gameplay than they did at last year's E3, and a cinematic trailer

Everything else was shit we already knew (more content is coming to Star Wars Battlefront II, Battlefield V won't have loot boxes, new FIFA and Madden games are coming) or shit nobody cares about like a frickin' Command & Conquer game for smart phones. 

Way to keep sucking, EA.  All we really care about from this whole hour was a Star Wars announcement, and you couldn't even show a fucking logo

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