Tuesday, June 5, 2018

The Symmetra rework is live on PTR.

Okay here's the short version:

  • New social features are on the way that allow you to recognize positive players after a match via "endorsements.  
    • You can endorse enemy players for Sportsmanship, and endorse allies for being Good Teammates or Shot Callers. 
  • There will be periodic, undefined rewards for those that maintain a high endorsement level. 
  • A Looking for Group feature is on the way. 
  • The Defense and Offense hero categories are gonna' be merged into "Damage."
  • Symmetra's changes are now live on the PTR (details below). 
  • Horizon Lunar Colony has also been rejiggered, live on PTR. 
  • Doomfist got a buff on PTR - his movement speed during Meteor Strike is increased from 150% to 200%, and the shields he gains from using his abilities is increased from 30 to 35.  
  • You'll now be able to set your in-game career profile to friends-only, public or private. 
  • Oh, I didn't mention this the other day, but there's a Sombra Nendoroid available for preorder now.  
Okay, here's the Symmetra Rework details: 
Photon Projector
  • No longer locks onto targets
  • Range increased to 10 meters
  • Damage ramping now takes 2 seconds per damage level instead of 1 second
  • Damage ramp increased from 30/60/120 to 60/120/180
  • Now generates ammo instead of spending it when hitting a barrier
Alternate Fire
  • No longer pierces targets
  • Now explodes on contact
  • Projectile speed increased
  • Charge up speed increased
  • Damage changed to 60 impact / 60 explosive
Sentry Turret
  • Turret is now placed like a projectile instead of being set in place
  • Can hold a max of 3, down from 6
  • Can now deploy a max 3, down from 6
  • Damage increased
  • Amount of slowing effect increased
  • Can now place the exit up to 25 meters away from Symmetra
  • Entrance will automatically be built in front of Symmetra, rather than at her team’s spawn point
  • Lasts 10 seconds
  • Health lowered to 300
  • More things can teleport through it (e.g. Junkrat’s RIP-Tire)
  • Entrance can be destroyed
  • If either the entrance or exit is destroyed, the other is removed
New Ultimate: Photon Barrier
  • Deploys a barrier that is big enough to span and cut through an entire map
  • Orientation can be changed by pressing the ultimate button again
  • Has 5000 health
Developer Comments: The goal of these changes is to move Symmetra to her new damage role and make her more flexible and viable across more areas of the game than she was previously. Now that Symmetra is no longer a support hero, she is expected to be able to dish out heavy damage, and these changes allow for her to do so. She should be more powerful and interesting in more team compositions and maps, and she should also be stronger on offense and defense.

I'm definitely looking forward to checking this out.  And I guess a piece of Sym fan art goes riiight... here: 


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