Saturday, July 21, 2018

Awesome games, last night.

It started with going Zen on Eichenwald defense.  Even when our Mercy went down, I managed to keep the point locked down and had the reds so freaked out with my accuracy that they would come straight for me... as long as that didn't mean they were poking past their Orisa's shield at all.  It was glorious.

I went Zen on Route 66 attack, and my team immediately selects another four supports so I'm like "well I'm going to be the DPS that benefits from this," and went Tracer.  My team immediately reassembles itself into a reasonable comp and I don't enjoy a trip or quad-support, but I roll out of spawn, kill the Reaper who thinks he's bein' all sneaky outside the right doorway, get behind their team and kill their Mercy, and immediately die to a Bastion sitting on top of the gas station.

I come back out, take a moment to kill a Sym turret on the high ground, and Bastion mows me down again. 

Then, somehow, I go like 18 and 0 for the rest of the map.  The Reaper's already scared of me so he wants to focus but he's not going to get too close, and every single time it comes down to a duel, I efficiently win and move on, and I really got that sense that with each subsequent encounter the reds just became more and more freaked out when they saw me come around a corner at them.  They end up pulling out a Junkrat and a Sombra, and it was no stop to me!

Then I ended up on Horizon attack with a five-stack on my team Vs. a five-stack and a random on the enemy team. I love when this happens.  Usually. 

I feel no great obligation to go tank or healer for a five stack - your five players represent more than enough people on mics, I assume, to assemble a reasonable team comp - so the question becomes what do I, the wild-card solo player, want to play, and how can this team best succeed while hobbling along with the crutch that is me.  So I instalock Tracer.  They pull out a Gold Hammer Rein and a Gold Gun D.Va and a Gold Staff Mercy and I go like 12 and 0, get the killstreak card.  I end up with around 4 sportsmanships, 2 good teammates, 2 shot callers and a humble little Play of the Game. 

Same team on defense, 20 and 5, we lose, but we make the reds fight way harder for it. 

Awesome, awesome games last night. is... gone?  But they drew it!

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