Monday, July 2, 2018

Game Diary.

My second playthrough of Hollow Knight was a blistering dash, compared to my 40+ hour 99%-completion initial game.  I'm at around 15 hours on playthrough 2, and I'm at the point where I'm just kinda' mopping up endgame content.  I've got one more dreamer to visit, no doubt there are a few hidden bosses that require attention, but I think I've found every Grub, and...

I stand by everything I said on the podcast regarding Hollow Knight.  There is a bright and pure pleasure in bouncing around a two-dimensional world in a capable platform, and once you've got the wall-jump and the dash and the super dash and the double jump, the way you can (and are required to) ping-pong off and up walls, flying over foes, pinpoint dancing across hazards is... chicken soup for my gamer soul. 

It's pleasurable and nourishing and feels like coming home.  I love it.  But last night I had some really awesome Overwatch games.

Artist goes by "mundal" and that's all I've got :(

I've been flexing a lot, this weekend - playing some McCree and Mei.  I actually got a McCree PotG!  No High Noon - just landing shots on target - felt pret-ty cool.  McCree and Mei, of course, both have some fairly substantial buffs being tested on the PTR at the moment, and I'm hoping to narrow in on one of them to practice, more. 

McCree's DPS is more reliable, what with his hitscan weapon - but left to his own, he has zero survivability beyond the option of killing everyone before they kill him.  Mei, in my opinion, is a DPS/Tank hybrid - excellent at taking space, excellent at protecting herself and allies, and damn-near-unkillable in a 1v1 against anything lacking high burst damage. 

I've been pulling Mei out a little, here and there.  I went Mei on an Eichenwald defense last night and again, scored a PotG with just some decent marskmanship, killing their Mercy with a well-placed icicle, turning around and helping my team kill Hanzo, then doing a 180 and headshotting the enemy Moira.  Very nice!

When I play Mei, how well I do is kinda' determined by how well I do in the very first teamfight.  I like to be kinda' passive and wait for folks to come to me on McCree - always keeping escape options open - but on Mei, I need to get in there and snak a buncha' dudes in the face with icicles to make a clear first impression: this Mei will fucking kill you.  If I'm not able to instill that fear in the reds, it throws the balance of how they engage with me for the rest of the match, and I'm not able to manage them as easily.

I think one of the reasons I like Mei is because the amount of tactical awareness you need while playing her - being mindful of enemy ults, knowing when your team wants to push and when you need to throw up a wall to let them safely back off - makes her a neat mid-point between support and DPS, for me.  Or at least, a neat mid-point between how I play them. 

Playing Mercy is a very different game than DPS or even tanking, for me.  I view the game at such a... dispassionate distance, when playing Mercy.  You don't see individuals getting in fights - you're looking beyond that minutae, watching patterns and being conscious of the enemy's entire team, and your own. 

This is why Mercies pull their pistol.  Like sure, it could just be that I'm getting jumped by a Tracer and I need her to back off, but often it's because I can see that we will win this teamfight if someone would just put a little bit of damage in this direction...

Got a sick Mercy PotG last night with a perfect example of this.  You see a lot fewer Mercy PotGs since the Valkyrie nerf that took rez buffs off the table.  Nowadays, a Mercy PotG is usually a rez and a bunch of defensive or offensive assists during a successful teamfight - incredibly boring to watch.  You just see the Mercy healing her team, not really doin' much... Play of the Game.  Congratulations.

So last night we're playing with V - the Ana who wouldn't stop nanoing me, who actually plays almost any other hero more than they play healer - and I'm being conscious not to force V into healing by always just going Tracer.  I've gone Mercy on Dorado defense, and we've been pushed back to the second checkpoint.  I'm coming back from spawn, the Widow who's been hammering us is up on the high ground doing her work, and there's a teamfight going on, on the cart.

I use Guardian Angel to fly to the cart, whip out my pistol and immediately put three shots towards the Widow, which finishes her off (Widows will often maintain their position despite needing healing, for some reason).  Then I turned to the cart and saw the reds backing off, so I leapt forward and kept putting in damage, scoring 2 killing blows and getting 70% of another before a teammate killed them, for a triple kill. 

Mercy and her pistol - 4 elims.  Hot damn!

Source is NSFW (very NSFW), but it's 

Chris and I did 5 of our 10 placements last night, and it went pretty good!  I went Mercy on defense one round, with the intention of busting out Tracer to rock socks on offense. 

That was a mistake to put it lightly.  One of our DPS switched to Tracer towards the end of our failed defense, and instalocked back into her on offense, so I couldn't get anything done, but that was our one and only loss. 

Overall, we went 3-1-1 (3 wins, 1 loss, 1 draw), and the draw was a hella-fun game on Anubis where we goddamn well shoulda' won - we had more than enough of a good comp to take point B, we just didn't have the capacity to group up and work together - but I got a nice PotG for a triple Pulse Bomb that took out all their squishies, leaving their Rein and Brigitte alone.  Brigitte immediately popped (read: wasted) her ult, and I just walked away. 

Killed half your team.  You're no threat, tanks. 

A nice Tracer PotG, a meh Mei one and a frickin' amazaaang Mercy one.  That's a good night of Overwatch.

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