Tuesday, July 10, 2018


There is no podcast this week, due to tragic circumstances that we'll explain in seven-ish days - which means I'm sitting on a bunch of video game news and no podcast to tell you about them on!  Is that gonna' stop me?

You'll have to tune in to find out!

Just kidding.  No.  It won't stop me.  'Cause I'm a blogger.

In Overwatch news...

A premium Hanzo figure is now up for preorder, for a slender $175 dollars.  For the record, I'm still annoyed that Tracer - the first premium figure, introduced before the game even launched - is a heavily stylized version of the character, and not a 1:1 reflection of her in-game model like ever subsequent premium figure.  

Oh well.  I'm off the wagon anyway. 

Blizzard announced this week that the Pink Mercy skin raised over 12.7 million dollars for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation - which represents the largest single donation the BCRF has ever received in its history - so good on you, Overwatch community! 

Finally in Overwatch news, Symmetra 3.0 is now live in competitive mode on all platforms.  Y...yay?  I guess?

A few neat ports were announced for Switch this week - LabZero's celebrated Skullgirls is coming to Ninty's platform, along with free-to-play third-person shooter Warframe and Futurlab's razor-sharp teleporting shoot-'em-up Velocity 2X.  I... might double-dip on Velocity 2X, but full disclosure - both Chamberlain and I played it, and neither of us finished it. 

Next up - good news!

Sweet-looking pixel-art Metroidvania Chasm will launch on PS4 and Vita on July 31st!  It's twenty bucks, and while it's not a Roguelike or lite or Rogue-y in any meaningful way, it does use procedural generation.  Each time you start a new game, it procedurally stitches together an original world map of rooms that were hand-made by the dev team, while maintaining your standard Metroidvania formula of needing to find Ability A before you can access the region that has Ability B, and so on.

Sounds very cool, the trailer looks very nice and I'm definitely in.

Meanwhile, hardcore action Roguelike Dead Cells has a final launch date on PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC - August 7th.

Also day one.

Finally, remember Drinkbox Studio's crazy-awesome first-person hyper-gorgeous dungeon crawler Severed?  Well, it's gonna' get a physical release on Vita (its original platform) - but weirdly enough, it's not through Limited Run Games or its ilk, it's from Eastasiasoft, and it's available exclusively through PlayAsia.com for $35.  I think the preorder will be available on July 26th, and it's due to ship sometime in August.  There will only be 3,000 available, and it comes with a sweet external box, original soundtrack and a full-color manual. 

And that's actually all the news this week!  Light week!

Oh, by the way - I've been meaning to tell you something.  I love you.  You rock.  I hope you're havin' a sweet-ass day, 'cause you're a shooting star and I'm lucky to be in eyeshot of your light. 

G'night everybody!

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