Wednesday, July 25, 2018


Good news for Switch owners!  A bunch of new ports were announced this week - 80s-styled pixel-art action-adventure Crossing Souls is gonna' be out on the Switch tomorrow, July 26th.  Pretty-darned-good action-adventure-platformer Iconoclasts will be there on August 2nd - along with spectacular 2D Metroidvania Souls-like Salt and Sanctuary, which honestly is the only game currently in competition with Hollow Knight for my favorite 2D Metroidvania.

...and I love this news.  I do.  Salt is definitely getting a purchase - love that fucking game - but... it's not the news that's on my mind a lot, these days. And there's other news that I wanna' talk about.  I really wanna' talk about it, but the only person in my rotation who really likes to chat about it is Alex, and Alex has resolved to keep the podcast free of this particular topic and...

...let me back up, a moment.

The other day I was reflecting on friendships.  I've never been very good at it.  Being a friend, I mean. I always thought this was due to the fact that we moved on average every 18 months when I was a kid, so friends were something that perennially appeared and then disappeared, never to return.  I am, thus, permanently and entirely prepared for someone who is currently devastatingly important to me to walk out of my life forever.

I'm not saying I've been a bad friend to Alex or Jim.  If I was, they'd be too polite to tell me, I'm sure - that's not my point.  Point is, I'm always prepared to lose a few friends at the drop of a hat, and I mention this because I suspect I may lose one or two, today.

Two years ago, I wrote "I laughed out loud, when I heard the news."  And I did.  It was absolutely fucking hilarious, at the time, and the pinnacle of the Dumb American stereotype, that the collected people of the United States of America were stupid enough to elect Donald Trump as the leader of the free world.

It didn't take very long for it to become a lot less hilarious, obviously.  The near-instant spike in hate crimes and empowerment of neo-Nazis were enough to make it not-quite funny.  Still, there's something poetic about it, I'll admit - Donald Trump has long been an excellent example of the absolute worst traits and stereotypes of the American people.  He's your representative on the world stage, and I still want to believe that he presents the (horrifying) reality of the average American less than he does the condemning scowl of how the international community perceives Americans.  A caricature of your worst self

...and as I watch from my perch, up here in Canada, looking down (literally and figuratively) at what's been going on in the States for the past two years, I do find myself thinking in horrifying, black-and-white terms.  I read insights from still-living holocaust survivors pointing out all the parallels between Trump's anti-immigrant/anti-brown-people rhetoric and "oh he's not being serious when he says all Mexicans are rapists!" and how people in Germany said the exact same shit about Hitler, before he started gassing all the Jews.

I think about that.  I can't help but think about that, as I watch what was once but is no longer the country that led the free world descend into something that looks and smells and tastes precisely like fascism.

I think about what we like to think we'd've done, if we were around when Hitler showed up and began stripping people of their humanity in the name of seizing and holding on to power.  Scaring people into giving him power, and letting him take more.  And maybe I've already lost you by making that comparison, but honestly, if you're backing the guy who tells you that Journalists are enemies of the people, who forcibly separates children of a certain demographic from their parents with the intention to redistribute those children elsewhere - which is part of the literal UN's definition of genocide, by the way, who dismantles decades-old international friendships for no reason beyond his ego, who viciously attacks anyone, anyone, anyone except the guy who attacked the democratic process of America, who willfully ignores the truth... then I haven't lost anything.  I'm good with it.

I've always been good with it.

And I think about what I'd like to say I did, when fascism rose to power in my own backyard.

I am not an energetic person.  I am not a man of means.  I have responsibilities that will keep me close to home, but I'm tired of doing nothing.  I can't do nothing.

But I don't have much to offer.  I'm just a gamer douche from Canada.  But I can't do nothing.  I'm sick with it.  I'm grossed out at the thought of sitting up here, silently, as women's rights are rolled back and voting rights are denied and people's voices are gerrymandered out of existence and a stolen seat on your Supreme Court is shored up with a dude who wants to repeal Roe V. Wade and has said the President can't be convicted of any crimes.  You fucking idiots.

I can't do much, but I can do more than nothing.

I can do a little bit more.  Even if it's just, y'know, writing the words that when abortion was illegal in the States thousands upon thousands of women died for no more reason than an insane dismissal of the separation of church and state that your country was founded on.  You fucking idiots.

I can do that much.

So let me tell you about this website I read every single night.  It's called The Nib.

Every night, as I'm going to bed, I read some blogs that I enjoy, I hit Nerf Now out of habit, I read the latest Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal and Questionable Content, and then I read The Nib. 

The Nib is a liberal site that publishes political and non-fiction comics.  It is primarily focused, lately, with the ongoing destruction of the United States of America, and what were once its highest ideals.

So every Wednesday, I think.  Yeah, every Wednesday - why not?  I'm going to embed a comic from The Nib.  And if I want to throw out there that the effect of gerrymandering districts in the States ensures that a small cadre of people in power stay in power in direct contradiction to the will of the people they're sworn to represent, well, I may do that too.

You fucking morons.

Please enjoy today's comic!  And if you don't vote in the upcoming midterms to take your country back, please fuck right off!

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