Sunday, July 15, 2018

Overwatch Clip Show 62 - Keep On Swinging

This took a while to make ^.^ originally it was gonna' be set to Six Shooter by Coyote Kisses, but I wanted something a little more blues-y.  Which is why the bit on Hanamura was originally set to Searching the Desert For The Blues by Blind Willie McTell, but YouTube blocked that shit worldwide, so because I'd poured so much work in and just wanted it to be done, I slapped in Sofi Tukker and called it a day.

But I wasn't happy with it.  And then like the ONE GUY who comments on my videos (ily) said "yeahhh the music gets better later in" and I was like "I knowww it was a mistaaaake" and I drove me crazy so I fixed it with another old blues song.

It says V4 but this is actually like the eighth version of this video lol

I've wanted to use Keep On Swinging for a long time, but I'd always assumed it would be a Reinhardt vid, for obvious reasons. I admit, it's sizable, but I'm happy with how it turned out.  I like including the longer clips - the lead-in to the PotG on Hanamura, smashing into the backline and clearing the cart on Numbani, and my brother and I taking out Hanzo, Hog, McCree, Moira and Pharah to take the point on Hollywood (with more than a little help from a well-timed Mercy ult).

It think the bit at 2:55 is my favorite part.  It's not just getting the killing blow on a Rein with a melee (which is delicious and wonderful and I wish I'd included the other time I did it to this Rein), but the fact that the D.Va zips into the small health pack room to follow up on me and is like "huh? What?  Where'd she go?" BOP to your Rein!

Good times!  Also, that is far-and-away the best Mercy PotG I've gotten in like a YEAR.

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