Monday, August 6, 2018

Clip Show 64 - Mayday

I... think this is one of the best vids I've ever done.

My games this last weekend were pretty bad, front to back.  I think I had one comp win all weekend, and I dropped back into Gold.  I also didn't think I had the footage to put together a really good clip show, but I've been wanting to do something I was as happy with as Comics since, well, I did Comics.  I've also been kinda' down on myself about my music choices, so I was very consciously trying to ignore the kind of music I thought I should be using in favor of celebrating Whatever Fucking Music I Want. 

Mayday by UNKLE (feat. The Duke Spirit) is one of my all-time favorite songs, and specifically my single favorite song on the Grand Theft Auto IV soundtrack.  I'm so fond of it that it was actually one of my first videos with music, way way back in 2016.  So long ago, in fact, that I've long wanted to revisit it - both to have gameplay that reflects my current skill, and editing that reflects my current style. 

I was thrilled with how this one came together.  It was like assembling a puzzle, and I love discovering a piece that clicks perfectly into place. 

I knew what I wanted to do, but didn't think I had the footage to make it work. Like most of my favorite vids, it started with finding the perfect clip for the opening of the song - and blinking through Rein's shield to lay into his Mercy just clicked into place beautifully.  With the wave and jukes on Hanamura, I establish that I'll do a killing blow every time the line "can't catch my love" ends - reinforced as it reoccurs on Hollywood - and so the expectation is there when I get into this long duel with a Rein who tries to charge to safety on Gibraltar - only to be denied, as the killing blow comes with the orgasmic "sigh."

Then the "sigh" takes over, and subsequent killing blows fall on them, regardless of the lyrics.  Each pulse bomb or melee kill comes with a big sigh, until I blink into the Widow on Dorado, finish her with a melee and a sigh, roll into Reinhardt and finish him with the lyric "can't catch my love" - because the sighs are gone for a little bit.

I know I've made a lot of videos and I know my priorities in life have changed accordingly, because this subversion of and return to established rules tickles me, to no end, and the fact that the clip allowed it to work out that way was like a lottery ticket panning out.  I'm really, really happy with this vid.  Awesome song, great clips, dominating Reins is never a bad time and those were some sweet-ass PotGs at the end. 

So yeah.  This is an all-time best, for me - up there with Comics, Lone Digger and Believer


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