Saturday, August 4, 2018

Overwatch Long Cut 20 - Gal From Kokomo

Not one of my best vids, but still a nice little killstreak.

Someone on the PA forums was terribly kind about it, though.  They said they were impressed that I make Tracer look "smooth and easy," so... that was super, super nice to read ^.^ made my day. 

Elsewhere, the Summer Games event is coming back August 9th - same day as Dead Cells' release date, tragically - and people are already pumped for D.Va's new beach skin:

And fan artists have heard the call.

Speaking of D.Va, they've also announced a new Nerf blaster based off the Bunny Blaster, coming in 2019. 

And just today another new summer skin was revealed - Gridironhardt Rein. 

For my part, I had a strangely high-energy-hard-manual-labor day at work yesterday.  By the time I got home my fingers were stiff and swollen, and a little Advil cooled it out a bit, but they're still stiff and a little achy today - so I like to think this is why I didn't play very well at all last night!

But that's okay - there's always tonight ^.^

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