Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Overwatch: new D.Va animated short, new King of the Hill map!

People have been asking for more lore for a while - specifically for D.Va - so a lot of fans are very happy with this.

But I'm also starting to feel that a lot of the animated shorts are kinda' samey.  I loved Mei's and Tracer/Widow's - Mei's single-actor lone-survivor story was affecting, and Tracer and Widow fighting their way across the rooftops of King's Row was all awesome action, and style - but at the same time...

  • Tracer fails to prevent the assassination of Mondatta - how tragic. 
  • Hanzo cannot forgive himself for killing his brother, and cannot forgive his brother for what he has become - how tragic. 
  • Bastion, a fantastic mechanical man, suffers debilitating post-traumatic stress disorder following the Omnic Wars - how tragic. 
  • Reinhardt's mentor and most of his squad give their lives to protect Eichenwald - how tragic. 
  • Mei's entire research team die in their cryo-pods, leaving her the soul survivor of their doomed company - how tragic. 
  • D.Va - the only surviving MEKA pilot of the most recent monster attack on Busan, Korea, cannot take time for herself or her friends to enjoy life, as she feels only the weight of her people's survival on her slender shoulders.  So much responsibility for one so young.  How tragic.  
Perhaps Overwatch is suggesting that heroes can only be forged in the crucible of pain.  Or to be a bit more honest about it, a hero has to suffer to be a hero.  Tracer may have failed, but her attempt was valiant.  Bastion seems frightened to hope that she could be more than a mindless killing machine, but trots off towards Numbani to find out.  Reinhardt learns from his mistakes and feels a noble need to protect others, Mei overcomes her impossible situation and refuses to give up, and D.Va never gives up, even when all hope seems lost.  It's not a victory without a trial, beforehand.

Which is why Souls games are so damn good - Edit: Oh wait, I forgot about Sombra and Soldier's shorts.  Those aren't really tragic, are they?  Annnywho... End Edit.  ...there's also a new King of the Hill map!  Busan, South Korea..:

It's on the PTR now - along with a few adjustments and fixes.  Most notably, they assure us that Earthshatter shouldn't be completely unreliable, but they've said that shit before!

Personally I'm just happy to have a new KotH map.  Never met one I didn't like. 

Edit again!

Oh, also, the most important change on the PTR right now is a HUD thing I've been wanting since launch.  Since launch, supports like Mercy, Lucio and Zenyatta have been able to see their allies' silhouettes through walls, while DPS and tanks can only see a nondescript green arrow. 

This is actually a big deal.  Where exactly your team is and which hero is on their own over there is important information, and it's always really bugged me that I have that information on Mercy, but never on Tracer or Rein. 

I mention this because this is a screenshot from the current PTR:

This is huuuuuuge!  End edit. 

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