Friday, September 28, 2018

Darkest Dungeon's Color of Madness DLC comes to... some consoles October 11th!

This news popped up yesterday - and it's good!  It is good news! 

Darkest Dungeon's latest - and I get the impression last - DLC, the more-content-plus-endless-dungeon-runs The Color of Madness will arrive on Xbox One, iPad and Nintendo Switch on October 11th. 

It's only $4.99 US, and it also comes with the free Musketeer DLC.  The Musketeer is basically an identical clone of the Arbalest in terms of abilities and stats, but instead of a black lady with a crossbow she's a white lady with a musket - she has been, since launch, exclusive to Kickstarter backers. 

But what about my beloved Vita?  What about the PS4?  Well...
"PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VITA owners, don’t fret! The build is close behind, but we have not cleared certification so we cannot confirm the release date for this platform yet! But rest assured we are working to get the release out as soon as possible!"
But, despite the hundreds of hours on my PS4 save, let's be honest, I'm gonna' play this first on my Switch. 

So it's all good, baby.  It's all good.

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