Friday, September 21, 2018

Overwatch Clip Show 66 - Caged Bird

I beat Spider-Man on Wednesday night, but I'm definitely not done with it.  I puttered around the open world doing side-stuff, but what I wanted was a New Game+ where I specifically had my suits and suit-powers unlocked, but not my skill trees and experience level.  I always enjoy going through ability progression like that, and giving the story a second look.

The problem being, I don't wanna' give up my end-game suit - a fucking rad red biker jacket with black jeans, boots and a classic hood.  It's a cool, badass look for Spidey, and I have added to this sexy ensemble the awesome power of quips.  With a press of L3 and R3, Spidey will crack wise and after swinging around, beating up dudes and quipping the whole time for like six hours, I still haven't heard a repeat.

I don't wanna' give that up, but last night the desire to do it all again was too great, and I started up a new save slot so I could remember what it was like to fight heavies without the better webbing abilities, and rocket dudes without the all-important rocket counter, and enjoy the progression.

Point being, I have been terribly unfaithful to Overwatch, all month.  Dragon Quest XI and Spider-Man have all-but-ensured I've played it the bare minimum on weekends, and haven't touched Share Factory to make a new Clip Show beyond last week's, which I'd been puttering with for like a month.

This left me with like 300 gigs of Overwatch captures going back to the beginning of August and no time to go through them in search of charming clips - so I just added every single PotG I could find to a project in Share Factory, removed every one I've used in other videos and was left with... 24 shitty PotGs.  PotGs that were unworthy of feature in a normal Clip Show.

That's kind of a novelty, right?  Unimpressive PotGs?  Yeah, sure it is.

I sorted 'em by shittyness - shittiest first, less-shitty towards the end - and to enhance their shittyness, didn't line the action up to Caged Bird by stoner-rock band The Heavy Co. (not to be confused with The Heavy, the best band in the world)... but I couldn't resist and for the last third of the vid, a bunch of it kinda' lines up.

So it's a weird vid in every direction!  Enjoy!

Oh and did you hear Blizzard is now selling a $200 light-up replica of Genji's sword?

'Cause they are.  Call me when it's a set of Pulse pistols.

[update]  Oop a dev update video went up today.

Here's the important bits:

  • The Torbjorn rework is on PTR now.  We don't have PTR patch notes yet, but [update] - here are the PTR patch notes. [/update] 
  • I'm not real happy about this thrown-turret-auto-upgrades-to-level-2 thing.  I appreciate that it has a 3-second setup time to get to level 2, but what's it doing in the meantime?  Nothing?  If it's nothing I'm more okay with it. 
  • Wait a minute - none of these changes increase Torb's HP.  And it removes his armor packs, so... if I'm reading this right, Torb is gonna' be way, way, way easier to kill from now on.  No more healing himself with armor packs. 
  • Orisa, Soldier: 76, McCree, and Pharah hero updates are planned for the patch after the Torb rework.  
  • Apparently changes to Pharah will make her more lethal for ultra-skilled players but less dominant at low levels and on consoles.  Nice.  
  • He says that Junkenstein's Monster (Roadhog's Halloween skin) will be getting a "bride."  So calling it now: 


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