Monday, October 15, 2018

Game Diary

The shine has nearly rubbed off Assassin's Creed Odyssey.  I find the Main, Core, Central Story very compelling, but the side quests are all just about okay.  And they are okay.  They're okay!

They're just nowhere near as good as a decent side quest in like, The Witcher 3 or a Fallout or Oblivion game.  They're not bad, but they're all little one-offs without any real depth or surprises to their stories - they're there to do to earn XP, and that's not quite enough.  Annnd here's a big (spoiler-rific) article over on Kotaku about how awesome the side quests are.

Okay.  Annnywho...

I occupied myself with hunting Cultists - a very cool system in Odyssey that sees you dismantling a network of one-percenter douchebags of ancient Greece - and turned it off when I went after a same-level cultist on the open seas who literally and figuratively blew me out of the water.  Eff that, I've got Mark of the Ninja and Darkest Dungeon expansions to play.

Mark of the Ninja on Switch is a pure pleasure, but I'm terribly curious to finally get my hands on the Color of Madness stuff in Darkest Dungeon - so I bought that yesterday and hung out with Harley (he purrs just when I come into the room and chill out with him, now), doing a few dungeon runs.

Apparently you need to make a few weeks pass in-game for the Farmstead to open up and access the new content, but nothing happened.

It didn't occur to me until this morning that I probably didn't activate the DLC in-game before doing all those dungeon runs.  Because I am dumb.

As further evidence of my dumbitude, permit me to submit the following.  Last night, I'm playin' Overwatch.  I had some cool rounds, including one where I backfilled into a game, picked Mercy and like support-carried this team to a win on Eichenwald and left with 3 shot-callers, a sportsmanship and a promotion to Endorsement Rank 4.  Lurvely.

But that's not dumb.

So Chris gets on last night, actually in time to play a few games, and we dive straight into Quickplay.  Things are going okay - in fact I do a nice, hard carry game on Busan on what we'd agreed would be the final game of the night - but that game went so well I really wanted to do another, and he agreed.

We got Oasis - a fine Tracer map! - and it's a fantastic, hard fight.  We win round 1, they win round 2, and round 3 is a knock-down drag-out exercise of brutal pugilism between the two teams.  The point trades hands again and again, and as the clock ticks towards overtime I'm feeling like a beast.  I've died too many times, but I'm gold on eliminations, gold on objective kills, gold on objective time and gold on damage done.  I am The Carry, and it feels good.  So at this final, crucial moment, I'm at the enemy spawn and working my way through their reinforcements and backline, closing in on the point.

I kill every enemy that crosses my path, cutting a bloody swath through them until I finally land on the point and take out the last two defenders!  The point is ours!  Overtime is burning away and the meter starts to fill that will switch point control to my team, and victory.

We did it!  I can't believe we did it - but I'm not getting any heals, I guess our Mercy didn't survive that last teamfight - so I tell my brother I need a health pack and bail off the point to heal up.

Time slows.  What?  DEFEAT splashes across the screen.  "Thanks!" my teammates emote.

I was the only one standing on the point.  I'd been the last survivor when I busted in there and cleared the point.  If I'd stood there at 60HP for another five seconds, we woulda' won.

Dumb.  Fucking.  Tracer.

No endorsements were received that game, I can assure you.  And now, to get that Farmstead opened up...

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