Thursday, July 25, 2013

Dragon's Crown is Vanillaware's most expensive game ever.

And it just got released in Japan, so let's celebrate with the apple bottom of Tiki, your Fairy Guidemother!

Oh George.  Never change.

Kamitani tweeted today that "Dragon’s Crown is the first game our company developed to break the 100,000,000 Yen wall. I’m very thankful that we made it for the release date without issues."

Wait, what?  ¥100,000,000?

That's $1,004,300 US.

I've always wondered how Vanillaware has stayed afloat while their games essentially stayed cult hits, never really finding broad megahit appeal.  It's because they're - compared to any other triple-A budget - insanely cheap to produce.

My God, you wouldn't know it, looking at Muramasa - which is essentially the triplest-A game on Vita.  Makes me wonder how much Ubisoft spent on Rayman Origins...

Can't wait for August 6th!  Members of the enthusiast press who've gone hands-on with Dragon's Crown have had very good things to say, so far. (Jazzy hands) wizardmouse!


  1. You messed up a couple numbers there. Tweet says a hundred million yen (一億円), not a million nor a billion. The USD exchange is roughly correct, though.

    God, I feel like a dick. My first comment in who knows how many months is a correction.

  2. No no - thank you! One of the best things about the net (over print, film, et cetera) is its ability to be updated ^.^ And I'm frickin' terrible with math and numbers.