Friday, July 26, 2013

Hot hot Heavy.

On Wednesday, outside my office before my shift, I was sitting on a bench with Denise and Anna, and Denise wanted me to listen to a local band she knows that covers video game music.  I put in the earbuds and heard rock versions of the Halo theme, the Mega Man theme and all these classic game themes we've heard a million times.

I pulled out my iPod and showed her Woodkid, The Budos Band, Akira Yamaoka, Roy Brown and Yoshimi Kudo.  That's video game music, to me.  It's so much broader than the theme songs of a few classic hits.  It's more than what you'll hear at Video Games Live.  It's rock 'n roll and dance tracks, its effervescent instrumentals and booming metal - to me, video game music consists of any song that's ever been in, or associated with a video game.  Because I don't really watch TV and never listen to the radio, video games are how I find my music - and they're how I was introduced to The Heavy.

This is the first gameplay trailer for Batman: Arkham City, featuring The Heavy's Short Change Hero off their second album, The House That Dirt Built.

I loved this track.  I have no real vernacular for music - but it felt modern and bluesy and Motowny and soulful and... it felt like the music I'd been missing for so much of the modern age, so I quickly tracked down their albums and started forcing people to listen to Coleen at parties.

There aren't any musicians I actually care about in the modern age, and actually "follow," for lack of a better word - save for The Heavy (I'd also care about Snake River Conspiracy, if they were still around).  But even then, "follow" is a strong word.  I don't keep an eye on their Twitter feed or anything like that.  Every six months or so I'll sniff around to see if anything new exists, occasionally coming across weird one-off tracks like Easier - but that's far greater dedication and interest than any other musical artist will ever see, from me.

You've probably heard How You Like Me Now? in car commercials, but have you heard Set Me Free?  Have you heard That Kind of Man or Sixteen?  You've got to check out Long Way From Home. Oh my God, just looking up vids for this article I've stumbled across another song of theirs I'd never heard of, that isn't on any of their full-release albums - this is awesome.

But this post is about new Heavy.  The other night I discovered a whole new album had dropped in late 2012 - and yes, it's awesome.  Would you, could you dig it?

Damn right, you can.

You've probably already heard this next track - it's been in some commercials:

The Big Bad Wolf's studio version was released prior to the new album, and the version on the album has a lot more depth, but I prefer the... grittier texture of the original cut:

Be Mine is definitely a favorite off the new album - custom-bred for cruisin' around the city with my honey.

Same Ol' is another winner.

They slow things down and get pretty bluesy for The Lonesome Road,

and Blood Dirt Love Stop is equally mellow and melo.

Lovely, lovely stuff.  Whatever they're doin' next, I can't wait for it.

The Heavy.  Dig it.

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