Wednesday, July 10, 2013

IGN's Dragon's Crown videos are pretty great.

IGN has been putting out video explorations of the various facets of Dragon's Crown for weeks, now, and with the latest one I feel compelled to gather them together for your perusal.  The "best" of the three, I would say, is the one that goes in-depth on the different feel of the character classes:

This one explains how you get, appraise, sell and use loot:

And this one says it details the finer points of the game's combat, but is, in fact, more of a general thing:

Can't wait!


  1. First I was intrigued by this game, then I kinda lost interest... and now I'm super-pumped. Like, most anticipated Vita release besides maybe Killzone. And Spelunky. And Abe's Oddysee HD. SO MANY EXCITING RELEASES COMING. Other than the Last of Us (and Beyond: Two Souls & GTA V), I can't even be THAT upset that my PS3 died. The Vita will keep me busy until PS4 (and I can hopefully play these PS3 titles with Gaikai in 2014!).

    But yeah. Dragon's Crown. Only thing that would make it better for me would be if loot changed character appearance. But it does affect how weapons look, so that's something.

  2. I wouldn't put my money on the PS3 streaming until it's really working. Those services have never been what they need to be - and a big part of that relies upon, basically, a worldwide (very)broad band infrastructure.

    As for Dragon's Crown, at least you can customize your character's color palette (click here, scroll down to the pic of the three elves with very different coloring).