Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Microsoft to start allowing indies to self-publish.

Lately, indies have been flocking to the Sony camp, with Sony actively courting the devs through Shahid Ahmad and his team's personal, lets-sit-down-and-talk approach to business relations.  Indies were, once upon a time (and as recently as last year) the best thing about Microsoft's box, so it's no surprise the giant is also backing right off their anti-indie strategy that demanded all games coming to the Xbox One be backed by a publisher.  

Game Informer's got the (unconfirmed) scoop.  Breaks down like this: 
  • Indies can self-publish.
  • They're shooting for an apple-like two-week certification turnaround. 
  • "Instead of extensive code checking, the company will be looking for terms of service violations and significant bugs."
  • Also rumored is that each Xbox One can simply be turned in to a dev unit, if authorized by MS. 

So put up your indie dukes, Sony - it's on!

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