Friday, July 19, 2013

Mura n' movies.

I'm still in love with Muramasa.  I've been plucking away at Don't Starve every night on my PC - when sleep doesn't demand imminent attention - but when I'm the least bit mobile I've been working on the trophy for completing Muramasa in under three hours.  I'm having serious difficulty getting tired of this game.

Also, have you seen Pacific Rim?

It's good.  It is good, but going into it with the words "Guillermo Del Toro" hovering in my mind left me with a touch of disappointment.  This is the guy who did Pan's Labyrinth and Hellboy - but Pacific Rim has all the meaningful characterization of a Transformers movie.

That's harsh.  It's infinitely better than a Transformers movie, but it lacks the resonance I expect of the director.  At the same time, as a movie about giant piloted robots fighting giant monsters from beyond space and time, it's fucking awesome.  The action sequence that holds up the middle of the movie is absolutely spectacular, and yes, I will day-one it on bluray.

Speaking of movies, did you hear that Sony quietly changed the DRM policy regarding "purchased" movies on PSN?  Dig this: it's for the better.

The old deal was, when you purchased a movie, you had to keep the digital copy on your PS3 or PSP or Vita forever.  If you ever deleted it to make space, you could never download it again - unless you paid for it, again.

Shitty deal, right?  Well - that's over, now.  Word is Sony quietly relaxed the rules in the EULA a while ago.  To test this, I deleted The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey from my PS3, and hopped into the store.

If I searched for The Hobbit and went to the version of it I purchased, it expected me to pay again.

If I simply went into my download list and found The Hobbit (when oh when are they going to make a searchable, sortable download list?), it simply re-activates the content on my system, and the download begins.

It's true.

This is doubly welcome news, as I'm fast becoming quite fond of movies purchased or rented through the PS3.  Take, for example, the latest product of Ryan Gosling's Depp-and-Burtonesque relationship with Nicolas Winding Refn - Only God Forgives.

After Drive, the next thing from Winding Refn became rather hypeworthy.  It debuted at Cannes to a totally-split reaction, with both boos and a standing ovation.  It's currently got a 33% on Rotten Tomatoes from critics and 55% from the audience.

I'd never heard of it until Kayla told me the other day she'd seen a commercial, and it was the next movie we should see, so I tracked down a trailer.

Then I said "yeah, that's happening."

Thirty-second commercials have been appearing for it on TV, advertising its release in theaters on July 19th.  Today.  So today I went through the papers, because my lady and I haven't been on a proper date in far too long, and couldn't find it playing anywhere in town.

It was late, anyway - I got off work at 10:45 PM, and she works days - so we snuggled up, watched The Daily Show, and saw another commercial for it.

"It says available on-demand," she pointed out.  So... why not check?

It's on the PS3, to rent.  Eight bucks.

[update]  It's good.  All the negative reviews describe the movie as "pointless" and distressingly violent - but those people obviously didn't see Winding Refn's far-more-violent and graphic Drive.  For those who would suggest the narrative is too sparse, I didn't feel at all betrayed by it - instead, it feels like the natural next step of the style Winding Refn showcased in Drive - which would often go several tense minutes before a line was spoken.  As Winding Refn himself puts it, "[Only God Forgives] is very much a continuation of that language." [/update]

That's like, forty per cent of what it would cost to see it in the theater, plus we don't have to worry about the dipshits in front of us on their cell phones or the dipshits behind us parroting everything they see during the movie.

Literally - there was this middle-aged couple in Despicable Me 2 (a fun show, not as heartwarming as the original) that would point out everything that was happening on screen, as if everyone couldn't see it.  Their kids, sitting beside them - their children - actually asked them to please keep it down.

Lucy stuffs Gru into her car trunk, his pointy nose sticking out.

"His nose is sticking out of the trunk!" the couple helpfully announce.

"Lucy?" says Gru, "no, I don't like Lucy that way!"

"He does, though," the lady lets us all know.

Wanted to punch those people in their dicks.  And no, maybe the lady didn't have a dick, but she certainly was one.

So a third of the price, a much comfier seat and no assholes ruining the movie for everyone else?

Sony, you've got a deal - and I'd love for this to become a regular thing.  Do this more.  Do this for all the movies.


  1. In this same, "on demand before theater run" vein, "Europa Report" is worth checking out. It's more sci and less fi, but it's still sci-fi.

  2. Hmm that does look awesome. ...can't find it on the PS3 store >.< nuts.

  3. Do y'all have Vudu on the PS3 up there in Bizarro America? Because Vudu is where I watched it. It might also be on Best Buy CinemaNow.

  4. Doesn't look like it. A quick Googling shows a lot of folks asking for help trying to circumvent the fact that it's US-only.

    Oh well :( I'll see it one day. I love sci-fi-grounded in real-sci stuff. I even liked Red Planet.