Sunday, August 11, 2013

Game Diary - Dragon's Crown again.

Say whatever you like - I love this lady.

My Amazon is an absolute legend, having defeated the Ancient Dragon and brought peace to the kingdom of Hydeland.  Not only did she kill it, she beat the shit out of it so quickly a trophy popped for taking it down in under two minutes.

I absolutely love my Amazon.  I did a bit of online co-op today and (like to think I) kinda' stunned my co-op partner with what, exactly, she was capable of.  I think the first time he noticed her decisive awesomeness was when I sprung back and forth across a room in a zig-zag pattern, one-shotting wizards with single, mighty slams of my poleaxe each time I touched the ground.

The second time was when we went up against the Gargoyle Gate - a boss which is, literally, a massive door.  The idea for the fight is the players need to keep a cannon safe and loaded and firing in order to take down the omnipotent gate.

Or - as an alternate solution - you could just point my Amazon at said gate, and let her off the chain.  Give her a couple of seconds to build up into berzerker mode, and then she's a whirling dervish of DPS.

When I went up against the Red Dragon with her - which a lot of folks on forums are complaining about - the dragon almost instantly wiped my (AI) party, and then, I killed him.

(Jazzy hands.)  Amazon!

I was (and am) perfectly happy to play Dragon's Crown solo - either literally, or with a party of AI characters - but it does get better with co-op.  Yesterday, after a week of admitting the game was beautiful, but the Sorceress still bugs her, Kayla and I played for three hours (she took the Fighter, I went with an Elf).

She likes it.  She really likes it, if she is to be believed - and given her reaction to Dead Island co-op, I have to think she's being honest with me.

Now that my Amazon has defeated the Ancient Dragon and obtained the legendary Dragon's Crown, the game's not over!  No.  There are more Ancient Dragons to defeat, and a harder game mode to conquer, and - after that - a yet harder game mode to conquer, and another Ancient Dragon, until the Goddesses that protect Hydeland will finally be restored to their former glory.

What this equates to, basically, is playing the game - then playing it again on a harder difficulty.  Then playing it again on a harder difficulty, and one mode that just throws all that content you've already played at you in a totally random order.  It's stuff you've already seen before - again and again and again - but I'm loving it, simply because it gets more challenging and asks more of the player and constantly rewards you with sweet loot that might be S-ranked.

I expect to just keep on truckin' with my Amazon, I expect to get to know my Elf a little better and then, one day, when I want another alt... well, I'll be honest.

Amazon is the pure melee, Elf is the hybrid, and after that...

I'm thinkin' Sorceress.

One day.  Given that I've put nearly thirty hours into my Amazon and I'm about a third of the way done with her, that could be a very long time from now.

If you're at all interested in Dragon's Crown, let me assure you it is wonderful.  Thinking back over what we've seen thus far in 2013, I would put it in the top-two, just behind The Last of Us because really, nothing beats The Last of Us - even if I expect I'll end up putting a lot more hours into this than I did that.


  1. The sorceress will always be a mark against this game for me, but I am honestly surprised by how much I enjoyed playing. It is absolutely gorgeous and fun to play...Hopefully people give it a chance before writing it off completely just because of one character.

  2. (Kayla called every EB and Best Buy in the city today and couldn't find a copy of Dragon's Crown - so a copy is coming from Amazon.)

  3. My design choice reservations aside, this is sounds amazing...I won't play it in public that's for damn sure, but I can put those feelings aside in a month or two. I'm not gonna let a long, fun, game go un-purchased.

    Speaking of which: