Sunday, August 4, 2013

Henceforth I will, occasionally, review a game without having finished it.

Not always or even often.

Smaller stuff like Machinarium, Dokuro and Jacob Jones often falls by the wayside when bigger titles launch, and in some cases (Ni No Kuni, Soul Sacrifice) larger games go un-completed, or require an additional playthrough to really get the full picture (Alpha Protocol).  The backlog, as they say, is infinite.

When lack of time time or desire results in a game being so abandoned, I've always taken the perspective that, having denied the game the opportunity to say all it wishes to say, I have no right to comment on its quality.

Earlier this year, though, as I stepped away from Ni No Kuni to deal with some action game I found more appealing, I asked you - dear readers - if you'd find it valuable to read "reviews" of games I had not, in fact, completed.  The response was uniformly "yes," though I didn't actually put that feedback into action until today.

Why today?  Because today I bought Time and Eternity and really want to try it out before Dragon's Crown happens, and I've been playing this sweet little Vita game called Nun Attack that I really want to tell you about, but I can't imagine I'll actually finish it until months from now - and I want to tell you about games like this when my enthusiasm for them it at its zenith.

And lo, a new tag was born.

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