Saturday, August 17, 2013

Killzone Mercenary beta open to PS+ on August 20th, goes wide on 27th.

As soon as the store updates on Tuesday, PlayStation Plus users will be able to grab the beta and finally check out Guerilla Cambridge's technical tour-de-force.  Folks without PS+ subscriptions will have to wait another week - 'till August 27th - to go hands-on with the game before its official launch on September 10th.

From the looks of it, the Beta mau have more than just multiplayer, as this post over at the PlayStation Blog details some of the game's single-player features as well:

  • All money earned playing the game, in any mode, can be used to purchase new weapons and equipment from Blackjack (arms dealer). These purchases can then be used in both the single-player campaign and the multiplayer suite.
  • Once campaign missions have been completed, they can be replayed with additional contract objectives. These challenge contracts provide a set of objectives based around Covert, Demolition, and precision play-styles. They’re also a great way to earn V$.
  • Each campaign mission contains six pieces of Intel to retrieve. There are two ways of retrieving Intel: interrogate captains (marked on radar) or hacking Intel terminals. Collect all six pieces of Intel to unlock bonus Valor Cards for your Valor Collection.

Also worth noting, y'know how in E3 vids you saw a lot of screen-swiping for stuff like grenades and sprinting?  Well, thank goodness, that stuff is mostly optional.  The only "enforced touch screen interactions are for Brutal Melee, hacking, levers, and some VAN-Guards" - weapon switching, grenades, basic interacting and sprint are all mapped to physical buttons.

Good, says I.

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