Saturday, August 3, 2013

Some music, and a bit of Game Diary.

It's sooo sad but sooo sweety and bluesy.  At a party last week Kayla and I were introduced to Songza.  Jenny was cranking late-nineties cheesy dance tunes, and when we suffered through like three boy band songs in a row I seized control of the music and kept it on classic rock and The Heavy for the rest of the night.

With a little Scissor Sisters thrown in for good mix.

"Up next... another song only David's ever heard!" the host announced.

But Kayla grabbed the app for her phone (it's free), and I found a playlist under the Blues umbrella called Ain't No Rest for the Wicked, and it's introduced me to some lovely stuff.

And now, as I have a few hours to myself, instead of doing anything genuinely productive (this place could use some housework), I'm going to go play Saints Row: The Third.

I put a little less than an hour into it yesterday, getting past the intro and finally being placed in an open world just before I had to head to work - which is nowhere near enough time to make an informed opinion on a sandbox game, and kind of reminds me of folks complaining that GTA IV took to long to really get going - but I'm enjoying the style, so far.  Less thrilled with the substance.

To be honest, the game I'm really interested in getting back to right now is Nun Attack, which is just three bucks and a fun little touchscreen action-strategy affair.

...and even though, as with Pokemon, as with Disgaea, as with Call of Duty, I'm not displeased that Saints Row isn't one of these IPs I feel a pressing need to pick up every year and invest my time in, it's fast becoming a significant part of the conversation of open-world action.  I don't need another game I feel I have to play, but if one's going to be well-read on any subject (and I like to think I am), one shouldn't be half-assed about it.

I mean, heck.  I played The Saboteur.

[update] Okay Pierce and the hero singing along to What I Got as you drive around is pretty awesome. [/update]


  1. Let's see a pic of your Boss, Chance!

    1. He's just like the guy in the pic above, but with the purple hoodie, hood up. Kind of just reminding me "awww I wanted Dark to be good."

    2. Oh and short hair because I just got a haircut.

    3. He looks like a nun? That's doing Saints Row right!