Monday, September 9, 2013

A 64 GB Vita card is coming.

At today's press conference for PlayStation Japan, a new slimmer Vita was announced - the PCH-200 - with five hot new colors.  It's 20% thinner and 15% lighter, has 1GB of internal built-in storage, has a battery that lasts about one hour longer than the current Vita, and will have a "universal standard micro-USB"  for charging and data transfer.

The longer battery life may be due to the fact that they're ditching the super-gorgeous OLED display in favor of a 5-inch LCD screen.  Which some people see as a pro and other see as a con.  I'm on the con side - the OLED screen is, for example, one of the reasons why Dragon's Crown looks a teensy bit better on the Vita - but the really cool news is the new memory card.

Sixty four gigs.  How much will it cost?  Well, 9980 yen is about $100 - but I'm betting about as much as the 32GB card costs now.  Which is way too much - but I'm constantly rotating games in and out of my memory card - I'll buy it the first day it's available.

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