Monday, September 2, 2013

A few new Velocity 2X details.

After becoming rather enamored with the first shoot 'em up I've ever become enamored with, Velocity's sequel is featured prominently on my radar of PlayStation Indies to Watch (which, I'll admit, is a rather long list).  A post went up over on the European PlayStation Blog today that features a teensy bit of slick-looking gameplay, and our first glance at the game's 2D platforming sections that see you running around indoors as the Quarp Jet's pilot, Kai Tana.

The post also goes into a lot of detail about how involved and supportive Sony's indie guru Shahid Ahmad has been about all things Velocity, reveals that FuturLab began work on Velocity 2X before they even started the Velocity Ultra up-port for Vita, and suggests that Velocity 2X will be "a significantly larger game with various alien locations to visit."


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