Monday, September 23, 2013

All the GTA V myths are true.

Check this out.

We already know bigfoot made it into the game (finally), but this video showcases a half-dozen interesting little mechanics I never would've known about.  The backfire from your car can light a gasoline trail!  You can escape the cops by hiding in bushes!

I wonder how many more of these there are.


  1. I hear... that somewhere, deep in the desert at 3:00 in the morning... you can speak to a female character with AGENCY!

    I kid, it's absolutely amazing and I can't get enough of it. But uh... it's got the worst kind of casual misogyny. Amanda and Tracy make me want to tear my hair out. Again though, Franklin's my boy and Trevor did NOT disappoint.

  2. Aside from the Mexican crime lord, though, I'm having trouble thinking up a male character (aside from the leads) who have any agency. I'm also still trying to find a decent definition of "agency."

  3. Motives that exist outside of catering to a main character's story arc.

  4. Wait... then how does any character in any game, really, have agency? As soon as you come in to contact with any character, they have motives that in some way, shape or form add an additional layer to the MC's story. If that's the definition of agency, then Darth Vader doesn't have agency because his narrative caters to Luke's story arc.

  5. Well then maybe agency isn't the right term. But several specific aspects of the plot are really sticking in my craw. Like how the only character that ever offers insight into how and why Mike is a terrible father is his son, while Amanda and Tracy hen peck without explanation.

    The misogyny doesn't seem to come from a place of hate, but more of convenience. Jimmy already explained everything, so everyone else can be shrill with impunity. Amanda probably has a great reason to be screwing the tennis and yoga instructor. What is it? Wouldn't it be worth throwing it at Mike's face? They never have any conversations about that kind of thing. She didn't want to move to Los Santos? Where would she rather be? One more sentence there could have given Amanda so much more dimension. Mike doesn't seem to have a relationship with his wife or daughter, they just exist to sell how irritating his home life is.

    Sorry, that kinda turned into a blog post, but I didn't want to be snippy and put it up on mine and make it seem like I'm throwing over the chessboard or something.

    Good talk.

    1. Keep playin'. Amanda actually gets a scene later on that I rather like her in.