Friday, September 27, 2013

Comic Conquest looks pretty cool.

Occasionally I'll get an email from a PR person who's mistaken my blog for something important.  It's usually an iOS game I'll never get to play or something so esoteric I can't bring myself to care - but Comic Conquest looks like something I'd actually want to lay hands on.

It's about a quarter of its way towards its base funding goal of $20,000.  Which is pretty darned low for a video game Kickstarter - what are they paying these people?

It's free-to-play which, I agree, is an instant turn-off at the thought of all the microtransactions we're gonna' be nailed with - but it's also being made with the Unity engine, which gives hope of a version coming to PS4 or Vita one day - which would be pretty cool!

A turn-based tactical RPG coming to browsers, iOs and Android, Comic Conquest pits the player as one of the many geeks attending the San Diego Comic Con when a mysterious villain known only as The Hoarder strikes - supernatural energies ripple through the Con, and ordinary cosplay gear is magically transformed into avatars of power, where plastic toys now really shoot lasers and that home made, wooden sword can cleave bone.

  • Amazing Art: Emmy-award winner and well-known comic artist Jeff Matsuda brings his distinctive style to the game!
  • Fast-Paced, Tactical Combat: Less time looking for fights, more time kicking ass!
  • Cooperative Play: Team up with friends to battle epic bosses, complete insane challenges, and earn massive rewards! ·
  • Extensive Customization Options: Change up your costume, tweak your abilities, and upgrade your booth to provide your character with special powers!
  • Monthly Content Updates: New maps, exclusive items, celebrity villains, and a whole lot more!
  • In-Game Trivia Challenges: Outwit your opponents with your vast knowledge of all things geeky!
  • Famous Cosplayers: Seven of the world's top cosplayers will be available to add to your party as recruitable characters!
  • In-Game Theater: Take a break from the action and catch up on the latest movie trailers and other exclusive content!

If those groups aren't enough for you, we'll have to collectively throw about eighty grand at the project to open up some really interesting options - the "Horror Group and Gear" unlocks at a $50,000 stretch goal, and the "Anime Group and Gear" unlocks at $80K, with a level creation system at $150,000.

Looks cool.


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