Friday, September 20, 2013

Game Diary & the music of GTA V.

I'm still playing Dragon's Crown, for the record, which is why I care that the recent update seriously nerfed the Amazon's core skill - Berzerk - which allows her to attack progressively faster so long as she doesn't get knocked down.  The recent patch gave the skill a minor buff in that she gains a Berzerk tier (there are 3) every time she successfully parries an attack.  It also significantly nerfed the skill in that getting knocked over is no longer the only thing that resets her 'zerk - now, simply getting hit will force her to lose a 'zerk level.

Or it sure seems to.  I simply can't maintain a long Berzerk with her any more.  She feels like a very, very different character now.  Still very fun, but I don't feel as powerful any more.  It's disappointing.

Far more disappointing is the addition of the big glowing triangles you'll notice at the bottom of the above screenshot to the point that many, many fans from here to Japan have requested the option to remove them, if the player chooses.  Today an Atlus USA rep responded on the publisher's official forums, thusly:
"Passed this request on to the project lead. He mentioned that people in Japan have had similar complaints, so there might already be a good chance that Vanillaware would implement the on/off option in a potential future patch. No promises, though, and I wouldn't expect to hear any sort of confirmation about it until said potential patch would be ready to release in Japan."
So here's hopin'!

It is, I should note, downright weird that I'm still playing the game.  Weird in the larger sense of how I consume video games.  Even in the case of something wonderful like The Last of Us, I generally get my fill of a game and move on - but late at night, when Kayla's gone to sleep I'll pull out my Vita and run a few dungeons.

When I know I'll have some spare time before work - when I have to get something else in the area done, and expect I'll show up at the office a half-hour early - I bring my Vita, and run a few dungeons.

Perhaps the convenience of it is a big part, but I've never been moved to invest so much time in..., I'm having trouble thinking of the last time a game actually did this to me.  Moving on - Grand Theft Auto V is enjoying a somewhat-successful launch, what with the whole fastest-entertainment-property-with-1-billion-in-sales thing.

It's good.  It's really, really good and I'll get in to the specifics later - but today let's enjoy the music, shall we?

I didn't find the game as immediately impressive as I did San Andreas or IV, and the same goes for the radio stations.  There's no Radio Broker in V which I can always tune to and find exactly the vibe I want - but, as with all GTAs, there's a great deal of quality tracks to find across all the stations.

As usual, the game's turned me on to a few weird and catchy country tunes I'd otherwise never listen to in a million years.

There's a lot of rap and punk, but I can usually turn to the East Los FM station or The Lowdown 91.1 for mellow Latin rhythms or some classic groovy soul.  I'm finding the characters less distasteful than many reviewers I've seen - it's the sort of... uncomfortable selfishness one expects of a GTA hero - and it sets the stage for capable gameplay.

Between that and the stellar production values, I really don't need much else.

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