Friday, September 27, 2013

I can't believe I didn't have a Galak-Z label.

Well, I do now. You may recall Galak-Z as one of the indie standouts of Sony's E3 presser.

A free-roaming arcadey space shooter, it's been very high on my list of PS4 Indies to Care About (which is actually a pretty long list) since it first got highlighted, but I haven't followed it as I should've.  At some point in late August they put out two new trailers demonstrating that its combat is more than a bit like Luftrausers', but in zero gravity - and there are some really cool use-the-environment options like getting your foes caught up in sticky space spores or shooting a lava pool to make the molten rock spring up at your enemies.

First, here's the style trailer :

And here's pure gameplay :

Sooo smexy.  Why this isn't on Vita I have no idea.

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