Thursday, September 12, 2013

Let's Do Some Math! 2013 edition.

Usually, at some point in August, I'll sit down and try to sort out how much I'm going to have to spend on the Fall Rush.  It helps me keep my priorities straight, and ensures I'll be mindful enough of what money I should not spend, to have enough set aside for the truly important things in life.  

Usually the price tag for the Fall Rush comes in anywhere between $450 and $700.  This year, however, is special.  This November sees a console launch, which instantly jacks the price of the season $400, plus any day-one titles I intend to purchase for it (four or five disc games).  

That and the usual crush of quality we see this time of year are sure to strike grim terror into my wallet.  

But my wallet's just gonna' have to deal.  'Cause this is happening.   Thankfully, I suspect I'll be able to make it through September largely unscathed.  Sure, I laid out cash for Rayman Legends and Killzone Mercenary, and I've got to buy a copy of Grand Theft Auto V - but that copy's my brother's birthday present - 'cause my copy of GTA V represents half of an anniversary gift from Kayla.  

I can pick 'em.  So really, I've only got two months of Fall to go - October and November.  That won't be so bad, right?

Let's break it down.

There are some curious digital titles I expect to drop between now and the end of the year, so I'm just gonna' lump all those in right here.  All digital prices are estimated - could be more, could be less. 

$15 - Luftrausers (Vita). 
$15 - Lone Survivor (Vita). 
$15 - Starlight Inception (Vita). 
$40 - Arkham Origins Blackgate (Vita - possible purchase)
$60 - Batman : Arkham Origins (PS3).  
$60 - Beyond : Two Souls (PS3).  

= $205, plus tax

= $231.65.  Not so bad, so far. 

Here's where shit gets crazy.  

$40 - XCOM : Enemy Within (PS3)
$60 - South Park : The Stick of Truth (PS3 - if it actually comes out)
$40 - Tearaway (Vita) 
$400 - PlayStation 4. 
$20 - Contrast (Vita)
$15 - Hohokum (PS4)
$20 - Resogun (PS4)
$60 - Battlefield 4 (PS4)
$60 - Killzone Shadow Fall (PS4)
$60 - Watch Dogs (PS4)
$60 - Assassin's Creed IV : Black Flag (PS4)
$60 - Knack (PS4 - possible purchase - I'll see what reviews have to say)

= $895, plus tax 

= $1011.35. Plus October, that's 

= $1243.00

Even shaving off Knack and Blackgate, and arguing some of those PSN Indies are less than my estimated prices, that's about eleven hundred dollars.  

That's... a lot of cash.   Time to start puttin' money away.  Oh - I forgot!  Kayla said Battlefield 4 will be my birthday present.  So that's... 

= $1175.00

Y'know what?  Fuck Knack and Blackgate. 

= $1062.00

...and that's... doable.  Yeah, that's doable.  Insane, but doable.  


Yeah, I can do this.  And that's called havin' your priorities straight.

...I might still get Blackgate.  A 2D Batman Metroidvania sounds all kinds of awesome.

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