Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Oh my, Killzone Mercenary.

Oh my.  You are an attractive one, aren't you?

(Click screens to embiggen.)

I took all these shots today, rolling through the game's first level (and always forgetting to take shots when actual enemies were onscreen).  It always annoys me a bit - putting Vita screens up never does the platform justice - it looks so much better on the Vita itself than it ever does in screenshots on your PC.

This screen looks fuzzy on the blog, but on the Vita it's razor-sharp. So sharp.

The screen is a mere five inches, but full-sized, these screens are huge (960 x 544).

The effects are gorgeous and the framerate feels perfectly solid.

It may sound shallow, but sexy graphics are a major ingredient in a successful, immersive FPS.

...and Killzone Mercenary looks gorgeous.

How does it play?  Good.  It plays well - it's fun and involving and I'm really looking forward to putting more time into it - but while having a capable FPS on the Vita is pretty damned cool, its capable mechanics aren't the real story, here.

And Sony knows it.  Here's the game's launch trailer - which concerns itself entirely with how phenomenally good-looking the game is.

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