Friday, September 13, 2013

Over My Dead Body 2. Gio Corsi, bring this west.

Over My Dead Body was a cult-hit JRPG for the PS1 from Phantasy Star developer Alfa System.  Back in 2011, it got a (gorgeous) remake on the PSP, and now - fifteen years after the series' debut - a sequel is in the works from SCE Studio Japan for the Vita, announced at last year's TGS.

In the new trailer trailer, you're going to see a lot of funerals.

All that mourning is the hook of Over My Dead Body and its sequel, which sees the player guiding generation after generation of a cursed family of demigods, damned to age at fifty times the normal rate and die within two years of their birth.

The Gods took pity on the family, and permitting them to bear similarly short-lived children so that one day - perhaps - they could free their bloodline of the demon's curse.

How does the game look?  It looks lovely.

Click to embiggen.

Over My Dead Body had an heirloom system in which a weapon could be handed down between generations.  "With my ancestor's mighty bow, Skycutter, I banish thee!"

Those enemies look like they came straight out of a wood block print.  Gorgeous.

Directed by Shoji Masuda (Patapon, Time & Eternity), Over My Dead Body 2 (Ore no Shikabane wo Koete Yuke 2 in Japan) is a game that needs to come west.

Gio Corsi - you want a list of games that need to make their way over here.  This needs to be on it.  A beautiful, original JRPG with a very unique style and spirit?

Yes please.  And while I have your attention, for the love of God, get Mark of the Ninja on Vita.  And Shank 2, if you're feeling generous.

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