Thursday, October 31, 2013

Alright Basement Crawl, now you've got my attention.

Observe this creepy-ass teaser.  Observe it!

Now you've got me interested, Basement Crawl.  I've been hearing about you since E3, but weird concept art like this happy little fellow

wasn't enough to really excite me.  The story of an unfortunate child kept locked away from the world by a demented grandmother?  That's original.  So let's post your press release from last week, shall we?

"Basement Crawl is a strategic action game featuring creepy characters, challenging environments and exciting maze-based competitive multiplayer. Created by Krakow-based indie developer Bloober Team, Basement Crawl will launch within the PlayStation® 4 launch window as an exclusive title for the new system. 
In the game, players will face-off – with up-to-eight players online or up-to-four via local play –in grid-based arenas as they race to set diabolical traps and explosives in order to hinder or defeat their enemies. Basement Crawl will feature four classes, each utilizing a variety of unique bombs and power-ups, allowing players to mix and match strategy for each class. 
Basement Crawl features an unforgettable and entirely mesmerizing style with disturbing characters and spine-chilling settings. The game, however, forgoes exaggerated violence to create a sinisterly clever but engaging experience that remains both edgy and entertaining.
Basement Crawl is the first must-have downloadable game for PlayStation 4 and an incredible addition to the independently developed game collection on the system. 
Game Features 
• An Engagingly Unnerving Style - a ghoulish but entertaining presentation inspired by classic grindhouse movies, twisted horror films and even other games, such as Manhunt. 
• Classic Gameplay with a Modern Twist - brings together the best gameplay elements of classic titles like Bomberman with modern technology and online features. 
• Multiplayer - players can battle to be the best against others either locally for up-to-four competitors or online for up-to-eight contenders. 
• An Awesome Party Game - easy-to-learn gameplay and a focus on multiplayer fun makes Basement Crawl the perfect house-party fragfest. 
• Classes and Characters - the game features four unpredictable and macabre characters, each representing a unique class, and each sporting special abilities and skills. 
• 2.5D? - Basement Crawl is made with a 3D-engine, but presented in classic 2D, allowing players to control the position of the camera while enjoying dynamic lights and effects. 
• Arenas - nine uniquely hair-raising arenas are included for players to master and conquer, including the Slaughterhouse, Restaurant Dungeon, Abandoned Circus and more. 
• Online Features Include - Leaderboards for comparing highest scores with friends and other players; Party chat for PS4, Trophies, Invites, Ranks."

I wanna' see some gameplay, Basement Crawl, but you've done it.  Now I've got my eye on you.

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