Thursday, October 10, 2013

North America is gettin' the newest Dragon's Crown patch.

"Since launch, we've been hearing from our fans how much they wanted Cross-Play in Dragon's Crown. Vanillaware was focused on delivering the best game possible, so we couldn't include it at launch, but we've been supporting the title ever since! Now, we're stoked to tell you that Cross-Play is on its way to North America, and the update will be arriving very soon. Stay tuned for more details!  
Good thing Dragon's Crown is on sale this week for $10 off!"
It's no big surprise patch 1.04 is coming over - all the other patches did, too - but I've just got my fingers crossed that the patch actually addresses the bugs that have beset the Amazons's berserk skill lately.  A fan translation of this Dengeki Online page indicates that, beyond cross-play, the patch allows the player to "protect items in case you accidentally sell it off," and you can set NPC Join on or off in the new (as of 1.03) Game Settings 2 menu.  "All classes" have had skill effects adjusted along with NPC behavior (you may notice after 1.03 NPC party members would actually go eat food instead of standing there not buffing their health) - handy!

Meanwhile, MasterLL over at GameFaqs is playing the Japanese release (which already has patch 1.04) and has offered a ton of (unconfirmed) info:
When you lose your weapon from being knocked down (Amazon, Dwarf, Fighter), there is no longer a cooldown to pick it back up. 
Berserk stages now have "a constant flame effect" to show what level of 'zerk you're at, which gives you instant feedback to what 'zerk level you're at and how it's degrading.
  • Being grabbed by a zombie does not reset 'zerk, only reduces it one level. 
  • Knockdown still resets the berserk to zero. 
  • Being hit does not reset berserk, but reduces it one level.
It's worth noting that, in patch 1.03, the Amazon's berserk would only get reset one level in the Japanese version, but in the North American version it would reset to zero.
You now lose altitude while charging a shot in the air, and will quickly drop after to loose the shot. Evading-charging-evading is still totally viable, though.  
Elemental lore has been buffed again - holding a torch causes a "4-5 mini-explosion flame pillar" in front of you, which has "a pretty big startup" before activation. With Salamander Oil active, your Ef will automatically cast the new flame pillar instead of the wind cyclone.  Whirlpools (in water) "act like a mini-gravity now."
Let's keep our fingers crossed!

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