Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Wolf Among Us launches this week.

All Games Beta has the full press release up, but here's the deets:

  • Oct 11th on 360 - $4.99 per episode or $14.99 for the season pass. 
  • Oct 11th on PC - no price confirmation. 
  • Oct 15th on PS3 - $499 per episode of $19.99 for the season pass. 
After playing Beyond for a day or two, though, all I need to know is that it's the next things from the folks who made The Walking Dead.  I suspect The Wolf Among Us will be a much better story-driven experience than David Cage's clumsy, beautiful leviathan. 

Also, where the crap is Season 2 of The Walking Dead?  Is that not a thing any more?  

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