Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Three Things.

Thing The First
Grand Theft Auto V shipped twenty-nine million units to retailers.  No idea how many of those are still on store shelves, but let's do some quick math. Take-Two, remember, got paid at least $45 for each copy (this 2006 article suggest retailers employ a 25% markup, but some are said to be anywhere from $10-15 - so $45 is the conservative estimate).

29,000,000 x $45 = one billion, three hundred and five million dollars.


Thing the Second
A ton of comparisons hit the net today and last night, going over the differences between the Playstation 4 and Xbox One versions of Battlefield 4.  A lot of it is kind of false equivalence - YouTuber jackfrags, for example, seems to be of the opinion that multiplayer footage on the PS4 is equivalent to campaign footage on the Xbone - so as usual, I'll suggest you head over to the cool heads at Digital Foundry to check out their exhaustive and technical comparisons of the two.

Which one looks better?  You don't even need to click.  You already know.  That's right - that one.

[update] Haaaah!  Don't worry, Xbox fans - it'll get better.  It did for the PS3. [/update]

Thing the Third
Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag and Battlefield 4 reviews from the enthusiast press went up today, and while their Metascores are in the mid eighties, they're nowhere close to breaking the coveted nineties, with both games suffering quite a few 7/10s.  Ubisoft and EA are likely none too pleased with the scores for their marquee titles, but let's be honest - these games were gonna' sell like hotcakes anyway.

Just wait - Call of Duty: Ghosts could get flat 6/10s from every reviewer on the planet and it'll still sell ten million copies.


  1. Having already committed to both consoles, it is becoming more difficult to designate the Xbox One as the multiplatform game machine...

  2. I consensus seems to be that, a'la PS3, multiplat games on the One will start to show more parity after the first year or so. I hope that's true - and if it's not true, we get to tease Microsoft about the "infinite power of the cloud" forever.