Tuesday, October 8, 2013

We're nerds. We like Game of Thrones and video game consoles.

...so we should all get a kick out of Giant Bomb community member Gold_Skulltulla's thoughtful list of every video game console's corresponding Game of Thrones character.  I do dislike Sansa as the PS3 - though I'm sure a lot of folks aren't too happy with Petyr as the Xbox One.

Definitely check it out. 


  1. I was at the bookstore last night, waffling between picking up Game of Thrones and The Name of the Wind... I chose the Patrick Rothfuss offering, and started enjoying it from the first page.

    After reading that post though, I realize that the Game of Thrones series is going to be my next book(s). Interesting that it took something like that to completely draw me in.

  2. I'm very much a Game of Thrones fan - I got into the books after everyone starting flipping out about the TV show and the latest book, A Dance of Dragons dropped. They end up sprawling a bit in the later books - spreading out to new characters, leaving old friends alone for hundreds of pages at a time - but no, they're pretty goddamned incredible, and have some of the coolest characters you'll ever meet.