Friday, November 1, 2013

Awesome Posters! Ver. 3.0.

It's become something of a tradition.  Each year, the Central Canada Comic Con happens, Kayla and I roll in there with some cash and I stroll out with fine video game art.  It's lovely - you actually get to meet the people who make the super-cool video game fan art we drool over online, buy a copy of their work straight from them, and they sign it for you.

Last year it was Harley Quinn and an imagined Assassin's Creed game starring a lady,

the year before that it was undead Clint Eastwood, Brawlin' Ladies and Portal 2.  

This year, I'm sad to say, I'm very conscious of how much money I'm spending as the next gen hovers ever-closer - so I only spent about a hundred bucks in total on C4 this year - forty to get in, fifty for three gorgeous posters and about twenty for some frames.

Kayla and I circled the entire con floor.  I went in with two hundred and twenty dollars in my pocket and, I'll be honest, the entire amount was earmarked for the distant possibility that I might happen across a booth selling the Momohime figure.

I'm not much of a figure guy, for the record.  I have some western figs - Cole from inFamous 2's special edition, Max from Max Payne 3's special edition, a Rosie, a Kratos, a Ratchet - and I've never really wanted a Japanese fig.  ...aside from those lovely Gwendolyn and Aegis figures, of course - but I couldn't get the Momohime figure out of my head.

I never wanted or intended to become one of Those People who order Japanese PVC figures off the internet, but... when I couldn't find it at C4, and I realized how disappointed I was, that's what I became today.  I made an arrangement for part of my birthday present, and I've placed the order.

Momo's on her way.

But I digress.  As usual, today saw success in terms of video game posters.  There was certainly a lot of interesting stuff - an unusually high ratio of Nightmare Before Christmas art, actually - and some very big comic book artist names, but the booth that kept my attention was actually a Canadian dude's by the name of Justin Currie.  Justin's done some work you're no doubt already familiar with:

(click to embiggen)

...and while his Portal 2 art is certainly glorious, I wasn't prepared to drop more wall space for a third piece of Portal 2 art.  I am, I'll admit, rather kicking myself that I didn't go ahead and purchase this dapper fellow:

I asked him if it was a reference to the Hannibal TV series (which I adore and recently got Kayla hooked on), and he said folks have been asking him that all day - but no, it's an original piece. Here's what I did pick up from him.  First of all, here's the one that stopped me in my tracks as we were walking by:

"Aah!  A snake!"

Obviously, clearly, undoubtedly - this had to happen.

And, obviously, so did this :


Having secured two large, signed prints for $20 each, I was then free to choose any other print for $10.  I considered the Portal art for a moment, but no.  There was really only one other poster I definitely wanted, and I think you'll agree it's a winner.


Not bad for fifty bucks.  You can check out all of Justin's art over at his DeviantArt page, and he sells prints through this online store.