Sunday, November 3, 2013

Bless you, Digital Foundry.

We've been hearing a lot lately about how next-gen games look running on actual, factual hardware - but reading preview articles and pouring over comparison shots only gets you so far.  Wouldn't it be nice if some tech-savvy folks simply uploaded a perfectly-accurate video capture of what the games actually look like, running on your unreleased hardware of choice?

Enter the good folks at Digital Foundry, who've uploaded some gigantic (2GB) vids of Battlefield 4 running on PS4 or, if you so choose, One.  The videos are pure captures - 1080p, 60FPS - so any dropped frame or visual hitch you notice are a result of the game itself, not the result of a compressed video being streamed over the net.

Check.  This.  Out.  Download the vid of your choice (direct download or torrent options are provided), load it up on whatever's hooked up to your flatscreen and drink it in.  This is the next gen.

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