Saturday, November 9, 2013

Game Diary - sickening shame edition.

I tried to like Arkham Origins Blackgate, lord how I tried, but I'll admit most of my gaming time lately has been taken up by Grand Theft Auto Online.  The Stimulus Package - $500,000.00 in in-game money from Rockstar to every player, as an apology for the crap we put up with at launch - finally dropped this week, and (if you played GTA V in October) you should have the cash in your in-game bank account now.

Like many others, I took the cash and immediately turned it in to the most expensive property in the game - a $400,000.00 luxury apartment just south of the Vinewood hills, complete with a ten-car garage on par with the makeshift Batcave from The Dark Knight.

I immediately began filling it up with my favored car type - muscle cars.  I've got two identical pimped-out Sabre Turbos (best engine, best transmission, turbo tuning, armor, bulletproof tires, classic black) and a pimped-out Gauntlet (statistically, the best muscle car in the game), a Phoenix, a Dominator and an un-pimped Sabre Turbo in case I feel the need for a second backup in the future. Finding the cars was hard and pimping out the second Sabre Turbo and the Gauntlet cost me about $120,000 each, bringing my bank balance down to $60K.

Then... all that was missing was a supercar.  I want a Comet, I'll admit - they're my personal favorite type of sports car - but when it comes down to it, everyone wants a ridiculously fast car for those times when a gorgeous and very fast car just won't cut it.

The Adder is the fastest car in the game.

In GTA Online, you can't just go out and steal a supercar.  I mean, you can steal it, but you can't then take it home and make it your own - it's "too hot," the game tells you.  Which actually means Rockstar wants you to spend your hard-earned in-game cash to buy the cars in the game's virtual marketplace.  The Adder, as the king of supercars, in the most expensive vehicle in the game (not counting the tank) - a million dollars.

...but the Adder was my next step, so I started sticking up liquor stores, playin' races, and so on.  It wasn't making much of an impact on my wallet, so I decided - just to check - how much Rockstar was charging for its in-game money.  If it was $100K for five bucks, that'd just be stupid.

So I checked.

It's $2.99 in real-world money for $100K in-game.  That's not... so bad...

$4.99 for $250K in-game.

$9.99 for $500K.

$19.99 for $1.25 million dollars in-game.

That would buy me my adder plus all the upgrades I'd want to put in her.  Turbo tuning, bulletproof tires, new paint job...

...I did it.  I spent real money on fake money.  Specifically, I spent real money to obtain a virtual car.  An awesome virtual car, don't get me wrong, but this turn of events... sickens me.

I painted the adder black as its main color with dark green as the secondary color, and customized its wheels dark green as well - to represent the car's namesake serpent's venom - and perhaps the sickness it inspired in me.

Now that I have my garage (almost) where I want it to be - I still want a pimped-out Comet, and I want to turbo-tune and bulletproof my Buffalo for a four-door option - I find I have no great desire to return to the game.

I'm sure I will.  It's too fun not to - but, I'll be honest, what really turns me off about GTA Online right now is how disappointed I am in myself.

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