Saturday, November 9, 2013

Personal note - pre-next gen shopping.

I went into my EB Games today to finally pay off what remains of my next-gen preorders (and pick up Killzone: Shadow Fall).  It's a cruel tease on par with five days of heavy petting, but I currently have Killzone and Knack, in my home, without a console to play them on.  At least I am now fully paid off, and all I need to do this Friday is walk in, slap down my receipts, go home with my PS4 and enjoy the week's worth of of vacation time I've lined up.  It'll be delicious.

As usual, they had a bunch of posters rolled up behind the counter.  I recognized the Watch_Dogs poster and the Call of Duty: Ghosts poster, and was reading the upside-down text on another... "From the makers of... Halo?"

"Is that a Destiny poster?"

"Yes it is!"

"Do I get it if I preorder?"

"We've got tons, I can just give you one."

"I'll preorder it anyway."

The front and the back of the poster.

So now I've got a Destiny poster, to be added to the pile of video game posters that don't actually get up on my wall.  So far this year it's been Destiny, Watch_Dogs, Assassin's Creed IV and two GTA V posters - all gleefully obtained, all denied wall space as I don't really love those games that much.

Then I convinced Kayla to go with me to Best Buy in the hopes that they had a Xbox One kiosk set up so I could finally go eyes-on with Ryse or Forza, but no.  The Best Buy was packed to the gills thanks to this insane promotion where if you bring in any used game less than five years old, they'll give you a brand-new copy of Call of Duty: Ghosts, Assassin's Creed IV or Battlefield 4 for current-gen consoles - your choice.

We navigated the crush of bodies to the games section and discovered no Xbox One kiosk, but there was a PS4 set up... which had frozen or something.  A dude working for the store came by, said "it froze again?  Okay, I'll get someone on that," and then a little short guy came up to start tinkering with it.  Kayla and I moseyed about until I found a $20 copy of Batman : Arkham City Game of the Year edition.  It was a Greatest Hits copy with that egregious red box and cover... but it was only twenty bucks, and after Arkham Origins I found myself really yearning for the full Arkham City treatment, with all the Catwoman content on the disc and Harley Quinn's Revenge.

...but - as a collector - I loathe that red box, so we went back to the games section to see if I could locate one without the Greatest Hits label.  I couldn't but the PS4 demo unit was up and running again, so I tried to give Contrast a spin... but it froze.  So I opened up Knack again.

I'd played about four minutes of Knack at my local EB last week but wasn't able to finish the demo, and I wanted to bathe myself in its beautiful particle effects on the forty-inch 1080p Best Buy was offering (far better than the teensy screen they had at EB).

I got about three minutes into the demo, this time, before I noticed a kid standing behind Kayla (who was busying herself with the Tearaway demo on a Vita hooked up to the PS4 kiosk).

"Did you wanna' play it?" I asked the kid, who immediately looked away when I made eye contact, and then slowwwly looked back at me, nervous as hell.

"Did you wanna' play it?" I repeated, pointing at the screen.  Again, the kid was silent, but he nodded.  I replaced the controller in its cradle, stepped back from the kiosk and gave him a welcome gesture towards it.  "Go for it," I told him.

I'll get my chance soon enough.

Then I got home and discovered - right after I unsealed the new one - that I've already got a copy of Arkham City Game of the Year edition, in the nice old regular case.

Which means I'm probably giving it to my brother as a Christmas present.  Ah well.  'Tis the season.

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