Monday, November 18, 2013

Tomb Raider might be coming to PS4!

That never would've required an exclamation point last year.

This year, though, we know that the Tomb Raider reboot is totally kickass.  Weirdly enough, I was actually thinking about what current-gen games I'd like to see ported to the next gen as I was playing AC IV last night, and Tomb Raider was the first one that came to mind.

Also, obviously, Dragon's Crown and The Last of Us.  And Max Payne 3.  And Okami.  Anyway.

This listing appeared on (Italy's amazon) for Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, dating its arrival in January 2014 - which seems unlikely, given that we've heard nothing about it yet.  Still, I don't think there are any big PS4 games coming out between now and inFamous: Second Son (in March), and a high-res, high-quality-textured Tomb Raider with that crazy next-gen hair would be pretty cool.


  1. Bought this on PSN for like $40 right before my PS3 crapped out early this summer. Never got to play it. Would love a PS4 port with improved graphics, etc. Hope we see more of this - I don't look at it as a cheap cash-in strategy as much as an opportunity for people who (a) didn't own PS3s or (b) just didn't get around to playing these games to play them on a shiny new system with improved fidelity.

    I'm hoping for that Last of Us up-port. If it doesn't happen, I can always play the PS3 version on Gaikai, but... I'm hoping for it. That being said, they won't announce it for a while, because they want people to keep buying the PS3 copy (and their next opportunity to push it is with the Left Behind DLC). But once the DLC is out, I hope they can tell us if they're working on a PS4 version.

    Also: it looks like a new Crash Bandicoot really is coming, which is both surprising and wonderful news, but... If that's the big project that led Naughty Dog to NASA or wherever they were touring recently, that's kind of disappointing. I was hoping for some crazy story-heavy sci-fi out of them, maybe near-future space drama, but if it's just Crash with some space elements (Super Crash Bandicoot Galaxy?), I will be unhappy.

  2. I hate to crush your dreams, but the rumor is Sanzaru (Sly 4) is making the new Crash Bandicoot so... prepare to be disappointed.