Saturday, December 7, 2013

5 minutes of Thief gameplay with some German dude talking over it.

I'm trying to be hopeful about the Thief reboot, but it's hard, man.  A lot of Thief's charm was that it was so vastly different from any other stealth franchise, and we're seeing a lot in its recent gameplay that suggests it's trying very much to fit in with the cool kids.

...on a personal note, the other day, at work, a dude asked me if I'd seen anything about this game called Thief.  Yes I had, I told him.  "It looks a lot like Assassin's Creed," he said, and my blood ran cold.

"Thief is a first-person stealth platformer in closed urban levels and a lot of building interiors.  It's nothing like Assassin's Creed."

"But the guy looks a lot like Ezio."

"He looks nothing like Ezio."

"But he's got a hood on."

"The Thief franchise was around like ten years before Assassin's Creed happened.  If anything, Ezio looks like the guy form Thief."

Yep.  Turns out I'm that guy.


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