Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Doki Doki Universe drops Dec 10th for PS3, PS4 and Vita.

Cross-buy, $14.99, totally adorable and not free-to-play as its first super-cute trailer attests.

What you do get for free is a few personality tests, two planets and the little animated messaging system you see in the above trailer.
"The full game, available for $14.99, includes the story mode, 31 personality quizzes, and the Doki-Doki Mail messaging system. Or if you prefer to test out the waters before diving in, you can alternatively download a free version of the game — the Starter Pack — which includes 16 personality quizzes, Doki-Doki Mail, QT3’s home planet, and a tutorial planet. Doki-Doki Universe will support cross buy, so once you download the game on one system, you’ll be able to download it at no additional cost on the other systems."
Totally getting this.  One week should be more than enough time to put Stick It To The Man to bed (which is pretty great thus far - very funny).

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