Saturday, December 14, 2013

Personal note - Goddamnit.

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You may remember that last month, after three years of regretting not picking up a phenomenal figure of Momohime from Muramasa and watching the piece's price climb up to the $200 range, I buckled and snagged one of my very own, becoming one of Those Grown Men With Very Expensive Toys That Are Literally Like, Dolls.  I quickly became comfortable with this, as Momohime is, in fact, awesome.

I thought that would be the end of it.  Rare is the figure that actually captures my attention, and Momohime was the only one I'd really pined after.  Great character, lovely design, fantastic game.  Great.

This year, though, it's no secret that I've fallen deeply in love with Dragon's Crown.  I'm still playing it.  My save file is now over 140 hours, and I've walked away from Stick It To The Man to keep running dungeons on my Amazon.

I never felt I was in any real danger of wanting a figure of the Amazon.  I mean, yeah, she's my favorite class in the game, but look at these things:

Hideous. Yeugh.  Both of them are just awful.  The one on the left looks like the Amazon if she were encrusted with an alien muscle-carapace (what is with those hip bones?), and the one on the right  looks like something you'd find in a happy meal.

No, I wasn't in danger of a figure actually representing the character well, and so I was safe from further PVC figure desire.  After all, George Kamitani's art isn't exactly easy to properly replicate.  This, for example, is the Amazon's key art:

There's no way a figure producer is actually going to create something that correctly represents the Amazon, and -

- oh come on!  Where did that even come from?  "Megahouse."  What's a Megahouse?

...why do I appreciate how pointed the toes on her boots are?

That's weird.  And they've even got that half-closed eyelid the Amazon always has.

Damnit.  That's a great figure.

Turns out Megahouse is... well, just another Japanese PVC figure manufacturer, and they have some lines called "excellence" figures.  In 2014, they're going to release the Amazon here for about $100, and... well, before I show it - this is the Elf's key art.

...and here's Megahouse's Elf :

Good lord, it's even got the squirrel.  The arrows in the quiver are identical.  What the crap.

Yeah, okay, fine.  Fine.

I'll think about it.  I've got a few months, yet, before these are even released, so I've got some time.  Plus, the Elf doesn't have that buckle-looking thing on the outside of her shorts, so it's not perfect...

...and you just know the Elf is gonna' sell out instantly...

...and I certainly don't wanna' find myself paying two or three times the original price, three or four years down the road...

...I'll think about it. if I haven't already decided.

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