Thursday, December 26, 2013

PlayStation Plus's January lineup is awesome.

One of the best lineups in a long time, actually.  Except on Vita.

The PS4 gets the newest thing from Klei Entertainment (Shank, Mark of the Ninja), the console debut of adorable and ultra-hardcore roguelike Don't Starve.  The PS3 definitely gets the lion's share of the goodies with BioShock Infinite, an experience entirely worth having, Ninja Theory's all-around excellent reboot of legendary brawler Devil May Cry and That Indie That's Been Getting A Lot Of GotY Nods, Brothers : A Tale of Two Sons.

Fine, Chamberlain.  I'll finally play Brothers.  Deal.

The Vita gets Smart As... - which is kinda' like Sony's Brain Age - and Worms : Battle Island.  I absolutely loved the very first Worms game as a teenager, but I'm not sure there's still room in my heart for that franchise.  Still - Don't Starve, BioShock, DmC : Devil May Cry and Brothers?  That's an awesome month on PS+.

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  1. From Tycho's post - 'If you haven't played it, you’re a fundamentally immoral person.'