Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The haul!

Adventure Time and Oglaf are both from Kayla - who is totally awesome and perhaps the best girlfriend of all time - along with a paid-off preorder for Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition on PS4 (!).  A hundred in PSN funbucks from my parents (yay! - Sorcery Saga anyone?) and a hundred in Canadian funbucks from my brother.

Quite pleased, quite pleased.  Oglaf alone has already made this a spectacular Christmas.


  1. Oglaf in HARDcover? That's dirty. I like it.

  2. On Christmas morning I'm sitting down with my family, I pick up this present and feel it - obviously a book - look at Kayla and say "are there dirty pictures in here?" Her eyes dart right and left. "No."

    (There were totally dirty pictures in there.)

  3. I am totally the best girlfriend of all time! And they are cartoon dirty pictures, so it doesn't count!