Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Alien : Isolation looks fantastic.

Just revealed today, Alien: Isolation has been quietly in production for three years, and if you've ever wanted an Alien game that's more about terror than gunplay, have I got news for you.  Described by its developers as "a haunted house in space," it sounds like you'll be scrounging around a space station, mercilessly hunted at all times by a gigantic xenomorph.  More than just a series of canned "roller coaster" jump scares, the alien is actually AI-driven and dynamic, and you'll have to be a bit thoughtful, reactive and strategic as you try to avoid its decidedly lethal attentions.

Here's ten minutes of the devs explaining their game, and a lot of footage you won't see in the ninety-second trailer above.

Day one.  Man are there ever a lot of cool-looking horror games on the horizon.

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