Monday, January 20, 2014

Dustforce on Vita finally has a release date, and it's soon!

We learned last August that the lovely indie pure platformer Dustforce would be making its way to PS3, Vita and Xbox 360 - and that's about all we heard until this post over at the PS Blog went up today.  Publisher Capcom had previously said the game would drop in January - that's no longer true.

Coming to Vita on February 4th for $10 (or $8 if you've got PS+)... Dustforce!

Day one.  Easily.  Also in the PS Vita Play 2014 promotion are Olli Olli, an indie skateboarding endless runner that's been getting a ton of positive hype around the enthusiast press lately for $12.99 or $10.39 with PS+.  It drops... tomorrow, in fact.

On the 28th we'll get Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z, which... is forty bucks and has trailers like this:

And on February 11th we'll get TxK for $10 or $8 with PS+.  What is TxK?  It is trippy as hell.

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